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As Talent is so mobile it is down to each organisation to be creative in attracting and retaining it.

Talent is your principle asset but is becoming a scarce resource.

In the past organisations were either labour intensive or capital intensive. We are now in an economy that is knowledge-intensive also known as talent-intensive this is especially true in the IT and Media sectors.

For small to medium sized businesses the recruitment process can be a stressful and pressurised time, especially when this is not your primary job function.

The People Foundry provides a first class service to ALL of our SELECTED clients we partner with. We believe that every client’s requirements are unique.



Before we take on an assignment we will thoroughly understand your business requirements and work with you to create an agreed action plan / guidelines to allow us to supply exactly what you need.

Working in partnership with you towards pre-agreed timelines encourages an open and successful recruitment process.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

We can promote your business to the level you specify. We have our own advertising website, access to job boards, social media and an extensive network which provides the greatest candidate visibility in the market – at no additional cost.

Terms of Business

Terms of Business

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Methods of Recruitment

Every client is unique and every assignment is different, so we tailor our approach to personally suit you our clients. We offer a variety of solutions from exclusive, retained, contingent or executive search and selecting the candidates who perhaps might not be readily apparent to you. We source the candidates who are not just ‘on’ the market, but ‘in’ the market.

In an attempt to break down what is ultimately a bespoke service, we have listed below some examples of the Services we offer, simply click on one for more detail:

Whether it is a Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Account Director, Channel Manager or Internal Sales vacancy, we insist that we have a direct conversation with the line manager in order to truly get an understanding of the key requirements for success in the role. It is also imperative to get an understanding of the culture, environment and personality traits required for your organisation and we believe that this information can only come from the line manager and is vital for success in any sales recruitment drive.

Once we have taken a detailed brief we will begin a structured and methodical search campaign to source the market for a shortlist of candidates that meet this brief. This will be through a combination of advertising (discretely, client not named) across a number of the UK’s major job boards (we receive in the region of 4,000 applications every month for vacancies we advertise on the job boards as well as in excess of 250 applications directly on our own website).

Further to this we will utilise our strong referral network which we have across the IT and Media industry sector, along with utilising our CV database.

Once this shortlist has been compiled we will introduce the candidates that we feel meet the brief closest and we will then proceed to pro-actively manage the interview process, taking the time to go through detailed feedback sessions with clients and candidates alike.

Submit a Vacancy now and you will be contacted by one of our highly trained consultants who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Generally used for Executive and Director level positions or niche, hard-to-fill senior sales vacancies with clients that are looking for a complete bespoke search project, whilst remaining discrete in the market place.

At The People Foundry we work slightly differently from other Search & Selection providers as we don’t demand the traditional 33% up front, 33% upon shortlist, 34% on delivery payment model, but instead we work with the client to put in place a fee structure that works for both parties. One that ensures that The People Foundry are paid for the initial research work but also ensuring the majority of the fee is only paid upon successful completion of the assignment to ensure that you, the client, are safe-guarded.

As part of any retained Executive Search project The People Foundry will also partake in extensive industry research including talent assessment, salary benchmarking and general market intelligence of your specific sector to provide you with more than just a shortlist of candidates.

Submit a Vacancy now and you will be contacted by one of our highly trained consultants who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

This is a combination of contingent recruitment and executive search and is generally used where a client is looking to recruit a number of people or a whole team.

It is a fully bespoke service that can include a number of options based on your requirements including:

  • Advertising Strategy (either traditional anonymous or client branded – sometimes both)
  • Job Board Database Searching
  • Networking (utilising 10 years experience and network of sales professionals at all levels)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Talent Mapping – research and map out the industry, key players, competitors or companies of interest
  • Executive Search. Headhunting Services
  • Behavioral Assessment, Strategic Assessment
  • Salary/ Compensation Benchmarking
  • Sales Incentive Benchmarking, creating sales incentive plans
  • Assessment Centres

This dual approach has proved time and time again an effective approach as we have used this strategy with clients who have come to us after working with other agencies that have only worked a contingent search.

At The People Foundry we would effectively have two teams competing internally with each other to find the right candidate.

Submit a Vacancy now and you will be contacted by one of our highly trained consultants who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

The People Foundry have a very successful track record of working with businesses that are entering the U.K or EMEA market places from other regions and are looking for a sales recruitment partner to assist them on the ground in securing the perfect talent to ramp up quickly.

Due to our knowledge of the IT & sales recruitment arena and with the senior management team having worked with international business around the world, we are able to get to grips with understanding a company’s culture quickly so we can advise what they are likely to find in the new region and what we will be best for their business.

Whether this is a VC-funded business that is entering the UK as part of an aggressive growth strategy and therefore looking to add a number of new business sales professionals to their team, or a major financial services institution entering the UK market and looking to add a lead sales professional that will evolve into a sales management / sales directorship role, we will work with you to find someone that is going to fit your business and deliver the results you are looking for.

Again this service is fully flexible and can be anything from handling the classic recruitment process, through to advisory services, assistance with contracts of employment and advice on compensation packages. We see our role as the first port of call for our clients and a true partnership.

Submit a Vacancy now and you will be contacted by one of our highly trained consultants who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Having worked extensively with clients that are looking to aggressively grow their sales function, we have in the past approached things on a managed services basis, whereby we recruit directly for the role but will also work with other agencies to source candidates and manage those other agencies in order to ensure we can maintain the quality and quantity of candidates, required by our client.

The main advantage of doing this is our knowledge and specialisation of the sales recruitment market place and as such we can ensure we screen and choose the right agencies to deliver on what the client is looking for.

This is a true partnership environment and in the past we have had consultants on site sitting in on interviews, conducting first round interviews, assessment and testing etc, so the client need only get involved at the final stage.

Ultimately this is a bespoke service that would need to have a detailed SLA for both parties and we strongly believe that both parties need to be 100% committed for it to work effectively.

Submit a Vacancy now and you will be contacted by one of our highly trained consultants who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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